CourseADVANCED: Your True Spiritual Calling

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Your True Spiritual Calling

Imagine your life one year from now – connected spiritually to work you absolutely love. Imagine knowing your true calling and pursuing it every day, stepping more and more into success every day. Feeling at one with the divine and knowing how to use the flow and energy to connect more and more to love and success.

In this lecture, you can you expect to learn:

  • the difference between those who stay trapped in their day job, and who break free (so that you can break free)
  • how LITTLE tweaks create HUGE results, and how you can steer your career towards success AND fulfillment
  • your highest purpose and your true calling (spiritual fulfillment and enlightenment)

Once you are clear on the direction you want to go with your career, how do you start to create it? And how do you start to create it with consistency? And what I am going to teach you in this lecture is a lifetime process. However, I wanted to offer an overview so that you can be thinking in these terms as you go through your journey. This is the beginnings of understanding Carl Jung’s individuation process and how it combines with Eastern Philosophy. This is Spiritual Psychology.

Who this is for?

  • Seekers of a true relationship with the Divine.
  • Individuals who want to experience the oneness (not just intellectually understand)
  • People who want to know their purpose so they can express it in all areas of their life.

Who this is not for:

  • Anyone looking for a quick fix or any old job
  • People who want to stay shallow and on the surface

Investment: only $197

BONUS: you get TWO Weeks access to my private client-only facebook group to ask questions, get feedback, get coaching on the class.

Note: This is a VERY very deep class you will want to listen to many times. You will not understand everything on the first listen. If you feel called to go deeper beyond the class, please reach out to me about other options for longer term private and group coaching.

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