Product90 Days to an Extra $1-10k/mo

We have less than 90 days until December, what if you could add an extra $1, 2 or $10k to your business each month by December? What would you do with the extra cash? What if you could take a trip or vacation, guilt free and confident for the year ahead?Even if you decide to slow down between now and the end of the year, your mind isn’t going on vacation from worrying about it. Don’t wait for January, get that burst of energy, motivation and inspiration now! So that come December, you aren’t worried if your business will be here 6 months from now, but you are excited about the new possibilities coming in.
Here is what I know about you – you didn’t get into your business for the money. Sure, the money is nice. The flexibility and freedom is nice. The control over your income and the lack of an income ceiling is awesome. But you started this business because you are passionate about your work, the creative freedom. And sharing it with people who value and appreciate it. If you *just* wanted money, you would have stayed in that lucrative day job. But what I also know is that… if you are worried about money, worried about the unpredictability of your income, that is extremely distracting from your passion and perfecting your craft. Money is a tool to help you do that. The added bonus is that you get to have all those luxuries your old day job provided when you get your marketing and sales systems streamlined and working for you consistently. So you can start 2017 with less marketing and sales activities on your plate, and ready to receive more amazing, ideal clients who pay you well.

Class 1: Simple Framework to Add $1-10k/mo Before Year End

  • Identify your fastest path to cash
  • Feel inspired to reach your year-end goals
  • Assess if you have the foundations in place to springboard into 2017

Class 2: Double Your Rates by Claiming Your Expertise

  • What the Highest Paid Experts do differently
  • How to increase your rates without prospects complaining or saying “I can’t afford it”
  • Only work with ideal clients and make sales effortlessly
 Class 3: Break-Through Your Income Ceiling
  • Why you aren’t (YET) making the millions you deserve
  • How to create your own personal ATM in your business
  • Uncover your Sales Shadow™ so you can be free from past history and let money flow (without blame or shame)

Class 4: Closing High Ticket Sales

This is where the rubber meets the road. We have talked a lot about how to set yourself up to make $1-10/k mo before the end of the year, but it is time to go out and do it. Go from fantasy to reality.

In this class, you will learn:

  • 2 Reasons Low Prices Hurt Your Clients and Your Business
  • How to Close $10k This Week
  • Avoid Self-Sabotage That Prevents Your Clients From Experiencing Your Amazing Work

Class 5: Choosing a Lucrative Niche for Lasting Wealth

  • Identify Your Unique Zone Of Genius (even when you have a lot of interests)
  • The Crucial Component to Releasing Niche Resistance Once and For All
  • Tap Into True Financial and Creative Freedom

90 Days to an Extra $1-10k/mo